Dreams of Wind and Water by Yrsan Daro

These 13 piano masterpieces were recorded in Los Angeles over a period of several months. We are proud to bring you the following samples in Mp3 format for your listening pleasure:   
(Use "Hi Fi" for DSL, Cable or ISDN connections, and "Lo Fi" for 56K Dial-up):    
Cascades:   "Hi Fi"    "Lo Fi"
The dazzling, virtuoso introduction to the Dreams, filled with soaring melodies.
Maëlstrom:   "Hi Fi"    "Lo Fi"
A dangerous journey through increasingly turbulent seas.
Song of the Distant Stream:   "Hi Fi"    "Lo Fi"
A slow and evocative ballad, perfect for those rainy afternoons.
Storm Clearing :   "Hi Fi"    "Lo Fi"
Sun and clouds vie for supremacy in the sky.
Music © 2003 Costaren Publishing. Sound Recordings2003 Arecano, Inc. Photo © 1996 Daro/Ahern. All rights reserved.


Take yourself on a journey to the farthest reaches of the imagination:


At the Gate of Worlds:   "Hi Fi"    "Lo Fi"
Crossing the threshold.
Dark Star:   "Hi Fi"    "Lo Fi"
Circling the unseen.
Garden Universes:   "Hi Fi"    "Lo Fi"
Worlds to choose from.
Rogue Comet:   "Hi Fi"    "Lo Fi"
An encounter in the depths of space.
Music © 2005 Costaren Publishing. Sound Recordings2005 Arecano, Inc. Photo © 2002 Daro. All rights reserved.
A jazz-infused cinematic landscape of textures, moods, and extraordinary melodies:
Prelude:   "Hi Fi"    "Lo Fi"
Just as the name implies.
T.F.L.:   "Hi Fi"    "Lo Fi"
A tribute to the late, great Fela Anikulapo Kuti.
Allosaur Jamboree:   "Hi Fi"    "Lo Fi"
Partying Jurassic-style.
Ossian 23:   "Hi Fi"    "Lo Fi"
A rousing ride across the Emerald Isle.
Music © 2007 Costaren Publishing. Sound Recordings2007 Arecano, Inc. Photo © 1996 Ahern. All rights reserved.
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