Feb. 4, 2007  "Beyond the Edge of Time" nominated for
Best Contemporary Instrumental Album in the
2006 NAR Lifestyle
Music Awards.
  Jan. 12, 2007  "Beyond the Edge of Time" hits #6 on the Top 100 Radio Airplay Charts at the New Age Reporter.  
  Dec. 14, 2006  "Beyond the Edge of Time" hits #7 on the Top 100 Radio Airplay Charts at the New Age Reporter.  
  Sept. 12, 2006  Yrsan Daro receives an ASCAPlus Award from the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers for the second year in a row.  
  "I suppose when the liner notes of a CD mention that "The music as a whole is a powerful fusion of classical, avant-garde, jazz and world elements..." one has to expect to be thrown for a loop now and then. Well, Yrsan Daro did more than throw me for a loop. One of the more audacious and adventurous recordings in recent memory, yet never truly inaccessible, Beyond the Edge of Time gets a thumbs up from me simply because it's a catchy miasma of genres held together by Daro's adroit blending of piano with an assortment of synthesizer sounds and textures, the likes of which are seldom heard alongside acoustic piano ... "  
    Bill Binkelman - The New Age Reporter  
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  "Yrsan Daro has a new album out called Beyond the Edge of Time. It is quite a departure from his first album (Dreams of Wind and Water) that cannot be measured in miles, but in light years. Daro is no longer earth bound, but rockets to new destinations with his creative music. He combines what sounds like an upright piano, a synthesizer and a myriad of sounds that defy earthly description to make a recording of cosmic movement and sometimes a bit of musical humor. All in all it sounded to me like the soundtrack for a Spider Robinson novel, namely Callahan's Crosstime Saloon where all sorts of intergalactic characters make up the story line ... "  
R.J. Lannon - The New Age Reporter